Wuxi Stial signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Unicom

4 December, 2023

Recently, Wuxi Stial signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Unicom Yancheng Branch. In the agreement, the two parties will adhere to the principles of voluntariness, equality, mutual benefit and integrity, give full play to their respective advantages in relevant fields, and establish a long-term, stable and in-depth strategic cooperation relationship. At the same time, in order to promote the efficient implementation of strategic cooperation, the two parties will establish a regular meeting mechanism and Daily working mechanism to jointly promote the in-depth development of strategic partnerships.

Stial is an independent robot manufacturer focusing on “active flexible grinding robots”. It has core technologies, from the robot brain (underlying control system), AI perception nervous system (flexible force control, tactile vision, intelligent tracking compensation), ontology design, polishing process plan – forming a complete independent technology closed loop, in hardware, software With a complete layout in terms of algorithms and processes, and dozens of national patents, Stial has built a world-leading technical barrier.

Stial is positioned as a “flexible technology expert”. Its “active flexible polishing robot” simulates the feel design of a polishing craftsman. It has served global customers for 15+ years. It is the first in the world to realize batch polishing of products in different scenarios and has accumulated world-leading experience. Patented technology and industry data.

Stial has built a “new generation of intelligent polishing robot AI IoT cloud platform – Mogu Cloud System”, which is based on deep learning, autonomous machine learning, reinforcement learning, domain data augmentation and domain generalization technologies to perfectly solve the problem of workpieces in different fields. Repeated design and programming can shorten the project process debugging cycle from more than one month to one day.

Steels polishing industrial

Stial’s polishing industrial robot products mainly serve the high-precision grinding and polishing of complex metal composite materials for spacecraft in the aerospace field, as well as intelligent manufacturing related to national defense and military industries, the auto parts production industry, the 3C industry, wind power blades, etc. In addition to focusing on the research, development and production of polishing industrial robots, it also provides consulting services for intelligent polishing solutions and OEM polishing services for smart shared factories. under the background of intelligent transformation and digital transformation, it actively integrates into the process intelligent upgrading and transformation services of industrial production enterprises, especially under current conditions, when independent procurement of polished industrial robots is not yet available, intelligent upgrades can be achieved through OEM services to enhance corporate competitiveness.

As the national team and main force in building a network power, China Unicom has accelerated the implementation of “5G + Industrial Internet” and strived to promote the transformation and upgrading of all walks of life. Carry out network empowerment actions, AI empowerment actions, safety escort actions, fully connected factory empowerment actions, industrial cluster upgrade empowerment actions, application scenario joint innovation actions, and industrial Internet ecological win-win actions, from technology empowerment and innovation drive, In terms of ecological collaboration and other aspects, we provide comprehensive services for the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and promote the integrated innovative development of smart factories + 5G + industrial Internet.

Collaborating to create the future of manufacturing

Wuxi Stial has a high starting point for the construction of corporate polishing and polishing factories, many applications of innovative technologies, and a high degree of production modernization. China Unicom and Stial have joined hands to deeply integrate 5G technology with smart factories with shared factories as the core. China Unicom’s 5G mobile network will be used throughout the entire process of “polishing, and flexible intelligence” to create pilot demonstrations for smart manufacturing.

China Unicom gives priority to purchasing Stial’s robots to provide services in smart factories, provide 5G network construction network guarantee, 5G industrial integration and other services, transform industrial terminals, realize 5G+ cross-workshop intelligent production and industrial application scenarios, and assist Stial and later stages Build and transform smart factories. Integrate smart factory, industrial Internet of Things and STIER mushroom cloud system into the shared factory.

China Unicom and Stial Robotics take 5G+ Industrial Internet of Things as an opportunity to empower industries and jointly create industrial prosperity.

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