With the support of industrial capital, the AI ​​​​flexible polishing robot “Stial” received tens of millions of yuan in PreA+ round financing

17 November, 2023

Recently, Stial received tens of millions of yuan in PreA+ round financing from industrial capital. The investment was led by Tang Kaijian, the actual controller of Xinbo Co., Ltd., an A-share main board listed company. This round of financing will be mainly used for R&D iteration, production capacity expansion, and marketing. etc.

Stial is an independent robot manufacturer focusing on “AI flexible polishing robots”. From the robot brain cognitive system, AI perceptual nervous system (force, touch, vision, sound), ontology design, polishing process solutions – forming a complete independent technology closed loop, perfecting the layout in terms of hardware, software, algorithms and processes, and owning Dozens of national patents have established Steele’s world-leading technical barriers.

Stial is positioned as “AI-driven intelligent polishing”. Its flexible polishing robot simulates the sensory design of the polishing craftsman’s brain, hands, eyes and ears. It has served global customers for more than ten years. It is the first in the world to realize batch polishing of products in different scenarios and has accumulated world-leading patents. Technical and industry data.

Stial is a company with an international vision. Its team is composed of high-end talents from China and North America. The core R&D team comes from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, the University of New Brunswick, the University of Toronto, Harbin Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology, and Southeast University. Universities and other well-known universities at home and abroad have more than ten years of experience in robotic AI systems and software and hardware integration. Stial is headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and has established an international business center in Hong Kong. Its North American R&D center is located in Toronto, Canada, and it has also made arrangements in Italy and Germany in Europe.

newsStial’s market positioning is high-end, and it adopts the two-wheel drive of “technology + brand”. It has captured the minds of users in the automotive and aerospace fields, and is gradually sinking. Its products have been used in automobiles (Tesla industry chain), aerospace (aircraft) Rockets and missiles) industry has overcome difficulties and successfully implemented them, establishing high-end technology positioning and market coverage. After the completion of this financing, it will delve deeply into the field of new energy vehicles and gradually reduce the dimensionality to cover the civilian market, accelerating the expansion of market share.

Stial is also uniquely innovative in its business model. It adopts the “equipment sales + shared factory” model and the F-PaaS business (Processing as a Service) of the shared factory to provide customers with grinding and polishing processing services, making it more and more popular. Many customers can have the world’s leading technology for robotic grinding operations.

The completion of this PreA+ round of financing reflects industrial capital’s understanding of the pain points and optimism about Stial’s core technology and future prospects. This move will accelerate Stial’s technology iteration and business layout. Stial founder and CEO Wang Hongbo expressed his vision for the future: Stial will be a world-class company with the mission of “Accelerate AI to polish the physical world”, allowing robots to polish the physical world more excitingly!