Warmly welcome a delegation from a Hubei municipal government to visit STIAL and be invited to lay out an intelligent shared factory

4 December, 2023

The golden autumn has passed, the twelfth lunar month is approaching, and the warm winter sun does not look like winter. Recently, Stial received guests from afar – an inspection delegation from a municipal government in Hubei Province.

Following Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Hubei has also pressed the fast forward button on the layout of the new energy vehicle industry chain. It has never stopped promoting the layout of the new energy vehicle industry chain, which is reflected in vehicle manufacturing, battery production capacity layout, materials and other aspects. Continuously complete and improve the automobile industry chain. At the right time, Stial is also an important link in this industry chain.

Automotive die-casting parts, injection molded parts, and polishing have always been chocking points in the automotive industry chain. Traditional manual polishing and polishing can no longer adapt to the development of new industries. Stial focuses on robot intelligent flexible polishing to solve the problem of high efficiency and low cost in the automotive production line. This is also the reason why the Hubei Provincial Government delegation came all the way.

Accompanied by the person in charge of our company, the delegation visited the Stial standard workshop factory. Watched the polishing and polishing intelligent workstation sample proofing. The person in charge gave a detailed introduction to the application of robot intelligent flexible polishing in multiple fields.

The inspection team highly praised the core characteristics of our company’s intelligent flexible robots of “high safety, intelligence, strong performance, and high quality”. Through this inspection, they deepened their comprehensive understanding of our company’s comprehensive strength and strengthened their belief in cooperation. The strategic thinking of supporting Stial’s “national layout and local service” was determined. Actively deploy the city, continue to make it bigger and smoother, and look forward to more innovative results being implemented and transformed in the city, jointly promoting high-level scientific and technological self-reliance, and working together to achieve win-win development with new and greater results.

The government is a server for enterprises, and enterprises are supporters of the government. The government and enterprises work together to promote high-quality economic development. In response to the inspection team’s affirmation, Stial also came up with a plan. Both parties spoke at the symposium, focusing on the company’s production environment, business and policy services, human resources, product resources, supply resources, etc. “tell the truth, talk about problems, and make suggestions.”

Stial proposed the concept of “shared factory” in view of the huge size of Hubei Province’s automobile industry. This model is suitable for areas with high industrial agglomeration and certain industrial foundations and advantages.

Steels polishing industrial

Customers in the automotive industry set up their own polishing and polishing automated production lines, which have a long cycle, slow results, high difficulty, and difficulty in later transformation and cost recovery. Stial proposed the concept of “polishing and polishing on behalf of others and providing workstations on behalf of others”, adopting the O2O model of a self-operated polishing and sharing factory concept. You can provide products for processing by us, or you can purchase and lease equipment for other companies to process.

High degree of freedom and flexible approach. Stial has a profound technical background of 16 years in the field of flexible polishing robots. Years of segmentation and accumulation have provided a strong technical engine for the polishing shared factory, which can bring sustainable business value.

The delegation brought local matching customer resources and data to connect with us. They had an in-depth understanding of the development of the automotive industry chain, upstream and downstream construction, big data exchange, etc., and digitized the company’s production intentions and product status, and the two parties interacted and communicated. Learn the development ideas and measures of shared factories.

The inspection team put forward many constructive opinions and suggestions, which will have important significance in promoting the future development of Stial.

In the meeting that lasted for more than three hours, Stial gave a detailed introduction and explanation to the issues that the delegation was concerned about, and the delegation was also full of confidence in Stial. At the same time, he said that in the face of the rapidly changing domestic development situation and the increasingly tense competitive environment, we must not relax at all! Open a new game in the changing situation, seek stability in the new game, and seek breakthroughs in the stable game. Together, the two parties plan forward and sow seeds to help each other achieve greater success!

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