Warmly celebrate the signing of Stial’s contract with Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone!

4 December, 2023

Stial signed a contract with Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone to settle in Xingang Integrated Circuit Industrial Park. Stial’s new headquarters building will be completed and put into use in May next year!


Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone was established in 1992 with the approval of the State Council. The high-tech zone covers an area of ​​220 square kilometers. After more than 20 years of development and construction, the high-tech zone has now become an important economic growth pole, window for opening up to the outside world, and technological innovation in Wuxi City. The base and transformational development engine has become the main position for the implementation of two national strategies, the Southern Jiangsu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and the National Sensor Network Innovation Demonstration Zone. It has been successfully approved as a national innovation park, a national ecological industrial demonstration park, and a national intellectual property pilot park.

According to the person in charge of the park, Wuxi New District is introducing base projects, and the High-tech Industrial Development Zone continues to carry out precise investment promotion around the industrial chain to achieve industrial agglomeration expansion. The technical level of the enterprises settled there is relatively high. For these high-tech enterprises, the High-tech Zone adopts policies and funds to strengthen support for enterprise innovation and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Wuxi Steel Technology

After fully understanding Wuxi Steel Technology Co., Ltd., based on the track prospects, core competitiveness, tactical layout, and unique technical advantages laid out by Stial, it has been favored by the leaders of Wuxi New District and has high hopes of being listed in the market in recent years.

Stial is an independent robot manufacturer specializing in “active flexible grinding robots”. Stial has core technologies, from robot brain (underlying control system), AI perception nervous system (flexible force control, tactile vision, intelligent tracking compensation), ontology design, polishing process plan – forming a complete independent technology closed loop, in hardware, with a complete layout in terms of software, algorithms, and processes, and possessing 40+ national patents, Stial has established its world-leading technical barriers.

Stial is positioned as a “flexible technology expert”. Its “active flexible polishing robot” simulates the feel design of a polishing craftsman. It has served global customers for 15+ years. It is the first in the world to realize batch polishing of products in different scenarios and has accumulated world-leading experience. Patented technology and industry data.

Stial’s development plan

Since its independent research and development, Stial’s core products have already achieved mass customized production and are currently widely used in new energy vehicles, aerospace, military industry and other fields. The core customers are concentrated in central enterprises, listed companies, foreign-funded enterprises and large private enterprises. The order volume in 2021 will exceed tens of millions, and customer orders are in short supply. The business model has gradually evolved into high-end equipment sales, flexible polishing shared factories, and full-process operation services for polishing scenes. It is expected to maintain a 100% compound growth rate in the next three years. increase. Strive to become the first flexible stock in the capital market within the next five years.

The signing of Stial’s contract with Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone is an efficient coupling of innovative resources, a rapid aggregation of industrial clusters, and a strong alliance of high-tech enterprises. It injects new momentum into the new zone’s seizing the high-tech frontier, and is also in line with the construction of the park. Comprehensive optimal industrial ecology. Promote the development policy of strengthening and replenishing the industrial chain and vigorously cultivating future leading enterprises.

The park supports enterprises and establishes their business in the city, and it will open a new chapter! 

Stial will also ride on the wind and live up to expectations!

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