The spring dragon raises its head – STIAL Marketing Department works hard!

4 December, 2023

The spring tide is surging, thousands of sails are competing, and it is the right time to sing and forge ahead. At present, market vitality is accelerating. Under the tide of global manufacturing boom, Stial is increasingly riding the wind and waves and moving forward steadily.

The first step in the new year is the market!

The heads of Stial’s Nanjing Zhitei and Mofa Sharing Factories jointly participated in the market meeting – “Set goals, clarify directions, formulate policies, and move forward together.”

Set a goal – sales and revenue will increase in the next three years!

At the meeting, company CEO Wang Hongbo set sales performance for the next three years and guided everyone to open their minds and speak freely. He also said that last year, the marketing department made great efforts in market positioning, team building, customer development, etc., ensuring the basic consolidation of old markets and breakthroughs in new markets, and the overall situation was good. The achievement is the result of everyone’s hard work, diligence, and unity and hard work. However, if you do not advance in adverse circumstances, you will retreat. Therefore, a corresponding incentive mechanism has been established to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of market personnel, and use practical actions to help market personnel make new achievements!

Clear direction – focus on new energy and develop auto parts!

As the country’s support for new energy vehicles continues to increase, it can be seen that new energy will become one of the new troikas of the Chinese economy in the near future. The direction of the country is our direction. We must also strive to be the first in the field of intelligent new energy vehicles!

System policy – minimalism is extremely refined!

The company’s CEO Wang Hongbo said that when customers choose us, we must also choose customers. After the three-year performance goals are set, the most critical thing is this year. This year will be a tough battle. A tough battle must be “fast, accurate and stable.”

1. Quick – act upon orders and make quick judgments

Give customers reasonable suggestions. If the polishing plan is not suitable or there is an easier way to complete it, we do not force the robot to do it, saving the customer’s time and our time.

2. Accurate – accurate measures and judgment of progress

The customer’s intention is high, but the cycle process is too complicated and the progress is stagnant. Decisively postpone it and spare your energy to complete the implementation project first.

3. Stable – compact linkage and smooth collaboration

For projects that can be implemented in a short period of time, all efforts are invested, all personnel are skilled in operation, and cooperate tacitly. The whole process is interlocking, well-organized, compact, and smooth in collaboration, which fully embodies the word “stability”.

Moving forward together—beads forming a chain covering the new energy industry base

The company’s CEO, Mr. Wang Hongbo, also said that the market staff needs to be expanded, and he invites people with lofty ideals to join Stial and create brilliance together!

As a regional sales manager for new energy automobile parts/die castings, the main focus is on previous work experience. The customer group is new energy automobile parts, especially die castings.

Recruitment areas: Ningbo, Hefei, Guangzhou, Xi’an

Stial looks forward to your joining!

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