Stial uses core technology to actively meet opportunities and challenges

4 December, 2023

Recently, the 2023 First China Automotive Subframe Innovation Technology Summit was successfully held in Suzhou. The organizer of the summit, China Die Casting Network, joined forces with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, and industry elites to discuss the path of industrial development innovation.

With the implementation of the State Council’s “Made in China 2025” strategy and the vigorous promotion of intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots have ushered in explosive development in the robot replacement strategy. Against the background of rapid industrialization, increased automation penetration and leading market players, nowadays, enterprises in the polishing and polishing collaborative robot industry are flourishing and a hundred schools of thought are contending. Steele is one of these many outstanding people.

Polishing is an indispensable basic process in the manufacturing industry. Everything from heavy machinery and cars to mobile phones, small appliances, and even faucets are all inseparable from polishing. It is precisely because of the existence of this production process that these items that can be seen everywhere in our daily lives can have a smooth and bright appearance. But for now, the main polishing method in the polishing industry is still based on people. Behind the glamor of the products are the blood and tears of the workers. After 8 hours of polishing, the whole body except for the eyes is basically covered with dust. The working environment is harsh, the labor intensity is high, and serious occupational diseases have led to a sharp decrease in the number of employees. It is increasingly common that it is difficult to recruit polishing workers.

As the “demographic dividend” disappears, labor costs are becoming higher and higher. Polishing involves all industries and is a key link in product production. It absorbs too many employed people. If the industry is transferred due to rising labor costs, it will be a very bad thing for the country. Industrial upgrading will require Polishing and grinding replace part of the labor force and retain the industrial chain. Therefore, the polishing and grinding robot market is promising and has a broad blue ocean. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology predicts that the number of robots in the country will reach 17 million units by 2025. Against this background, Stial is facing a new opportunity!

It is both an opportunity and a challenge!

The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The current industrial robot market is not so much a hundred flowers blooming, but a hundred competing companies. Our country’s manufacturing industry is facing the requirements of competition and development with high-tech at home and abroad. We must speed up the research on industrial robots and development.

A common problem in the polishing and polishing industry market is that automated smart equipment is not smart enough. Traditional grinding and polishing equipment requires semi-manual operation, and still cannot get rid of the key step of “taking, placing, removing, and changing”.

Stial’s application core technology – Robot Perception Neural Network·Vision – Stial Robot’s 3D vision scanner uses a blue double-line crossed laser, which means that it can easily achieve three-dimensional scanning in any direction. And the accuracy is improved. The Stial robot scanner can be configured with a six-axis robotic arm or a seven-axis robotic arm system and work together with the Stial laser tracker, so that fully automatic 3D scanning of any size range can be achieved. This also solves the problem that flexible polishing requires manual participation. It can not only adapt to various complex surfaces, but also include scanning of high-gloss and high-contrast surfaces. While the speed is increased, the accuracy is also enhanced. Easily realize fully automatic polishing and grinding.

Vision alone is not enough. Another core technology of Stial is the robot perception neural network and touch-PolishX flexible force control system, which includes force sensors, force control software, and data analysis systems. Grinding tools can be weighed to achieve precise constant force compensation. The force sensor and data acquisition box can collect work data, and the software can analyze it, thus forming a real-time fully closed-loop feedback system that can be used to correct the polishing path to ensure the quality of polishing.

traditional-robotsDuring the polishing process, you can feel their polishing fluency as long as you are on the operating table. Under such control, there will be no polishing quality problems with traditional robots. Moreover, multi-stage grinding can also be set, so that the grinding and polishing process can be set up at once, without the need to change it multiple times, which is simple and convenient. The historical curve is also very clear, and the system can also monitor the status of the device and quickly handle abnormal problems.

However, in terms of actual application promotion, grinding and polishing robots will still encounter such a problem – many customers are producing more and more product specifications, and the batch sizes are getting smaller. The past “single product, large batch” is been changed to “multiple varieties, small batches”, which requires frequent modifications or even rewriting of robot programs, thus increasing the difficulty of programming and debugging. Many businesses are therefore reluctant to use robots. So to solve this problem, Stial polishing and polishing robot also supports offline programming, which improves the efficiency of programming and debugging, shortens the time of programming and debugging, thereby solving this problem to a certain extent and helping enterprises to be more flexible and more widely used in diverse applications. chemical products.

Stial has a place in the market with its excellent technology. We continue to improve and innovate, and are gradually realizing the transformation of entering the external market, large-scale, technical and efficient. We seize opportunities, are not afraid of difficulties, and actively meet challenges. , walk on the road and have your own future!

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