Stial was listed on “KPMG China-Future Unicorn Artificial Intelligence List Innovative Double 30 Enterprises”

7 November, 2023

On October 19, the launch ceremony of KPMG China’s Future Unicorn Artificial Intelligence List of Innovative Enterprises (Yangtze River Delta Region) was officially held in Shanghai.

The selection for inclusion in the list is based on the comprehensive situation of market potential, technological leadership, change and innovation, and business model, combined with the comprehensive selection mechanism of the expert team, to select outstanding enterprises with innovative vitality and market potential.

Stial has been deeply involved in polishing the scene for more than ten years. It has self-developed the core software and hardware system of the whole stack. The bottom layer adopts the principle of biological anthropomorphic research and development to build an AI embodied intelligent robot system. Its NextBrainAI mushroom cloud system integrates the robot brain cognitive system, AI perceptual nervous system (force, touch, vision, sound), intelligent trajectory planning, intelligent generation of process recipes, etc., can independently learn to digest and polish product form, materials, processes, path planning, etc., forming integrated interaction capabilities of brain, hand, eye and ear; The AI ​​Mogu Cloud system is based on deep learning, autonomous machine learning, reinforcement learning, domain data augmentation and domain generalization technologies, and gradually realizes true intelligence polishing.

Stial’s performance gained the attention and recognition of the organizing committee, and it was listed on the list and won the title of future unicorn in the “Artificial Intelligence List Innovative Double 30 Enterprises”.


But we don’t just exist for technology, we think from a human perspective. We understand the problems existing in the traditional grinding process, including danger, high cost, difficulty in ensuring quality, etc. We believe that through technological innovation, we can solve these problems and create a safer, more efficient, and higher-quality working and living environment for mankind. 

Our mission is to accelerate AI to polish the physical world and benefit mankind. This is not just a business, but a commitment to the future. Stial Technology is more than just a robotics company. We are a group of dreamers, leaders of innovation, and promoters of change.

Fifth from left – Stial’s CMO receiving award


Award trophy


This honor is not only recognition of our past work, but also an inspiration for our future mission. We will continue to work tirelessly to bring more possibilities to mankind. Our goal is not only in the field of polishing, but also to bring changes to other industries, including environmental protection, medical care, infrastructure maintenance, etc.

We would like to thank KPMG and the experts for recognizing us, and thank everyone who supports and believes in us, including our team members, investors, partners and customers. It is because of your support that we can continue to move forward and promote the development of technology.

Let us accelerate AI to polish the physical world and create a better future together!

Award trophy

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