Stial’s flexible polishing robot workstation achieves craftsman-level craftsmanship

4 December, 2023

When Stial originally designed and manufactured the polishing robot workstation, it strived for the design concept to be infinitely close to these four points.

Article 1: Each workstation can determine or modify the production process.

Article 2: Be able to determine the different characteristic points between polished parts.

Article 3: The workstation can record frequently changing artifacts and environments.

Article 4: High compatibility, unmanned, and high flexibility.

No matter how the later workstations are updated and iterated, they are essentially centered around the further improvement and implementation of these four design concepts. If the above four concepts can be realized, Stial’s polishing and grinding workstation can polish workpieces in most industries, and can directly mass-produce standardized products. A product that is popular around the world = mass production + strong barriers, Stial is working hard move towards this goal.


At this stage: Stial’s polishing and grinding workstation has undertaken a large number of cases, and these processed parts are all grinding parts with a high degree of difficulty.

1. Workpiece shape complexity: Each workpiece is composed of multiple complex surfaces.

2. Workpiece variability: various workpieces with very different shapes; the same type of workpiece, each piece of incoming material has a large dimensional error; a variety of materials; constantly changing consumables

3. Workpiece impact force: The grinding wheel rotates at a high speed of 300km/h, and the metal blank cuts/displaces/slides instantly with specific techniques, sparks are everywhere.

4. Processing fineness: Peel off a 10mm thick metal layer evenly, which is equivalent to 1/10 of the thickness of a piece of paper; after polishing, it will be as bright as a mirror.

After a large number of cases, the polishing and polishing workstation has been equipped with the intelligent mushroom cloud system. The growth of the workstation has been exponential, and even senior craftsmen have been able to master the complex three-dimensional precision polishing process.

Stial workstation includes

PolishX flexible force control system – robot perception neural network·tactile touch, high real-time + high precision + constant force execution = fast and accurate flexible force control response.

Mogu Cloud System – Thousands of data gathered into one, adaptive AI process formula, modeled decades of craftsmanship by senior craftsmen -> training and parameter adjustment -> verification, adaptive to various complex surfaces, large error incoming materials, constant changes with consumables, a variety of workpiece materials, exquisite craftsmanship, static teaching and dynamic processing, and multi-category and multi-model coding, customers only need to make a choice.

Clamping system, grinding tool library, supporting safety protection system, dust removal system and intelligent response after-sales service are safer, more comprehensive and more standardized.

The workstation as a whole is an organic unity of parts. It is not that the various parts are simply superimposed or mechanically stacked together, but are interconnected and interact with each other in a certain structural form, so that the whole has safer, more stable and efficient polishing operations, and overcomes the problem of Traditional robots have shortcomings such as being easy to hit by mistake, long debugging time, and inconsistent quality of finished products.

We have been forging ahead, returning to our original aspiration, and thinking like a factory owner. The production capacity of one Stial workstation is >= 3 senior craftsmen. The effect of the Stial workstation is: better than that of senior craftsmen!

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