Stial was invited to the 1st China Automotive Subframe Innovation Technology Summit in 2023 to help the automotive industry intelligently polish and upgrade

24 November, 2023
CEO explains

Recently, the 2023 First China Automotive Subframe Innovation Technology Summit was successfully held in Suzhou. The organizer of the summit, China Die Casting Network, joined forces with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, and industry elites to discuss the path of industrial development innovation. More than 300 elites and decision-makers from new energy vehicle companies, traditional vehicle companies, technology R&D experts, material experts, quality experts, Fortune 500 casting technology experts, foundry technology experts, and related equipment suppliers gathered together to discuss the matter. Conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on hot topics in the field of automotive subframe design and casting technology.

As one of the important partners of China Die Casting Network, Stial was invited to this event and demonstrated to the attendees the flexible robot polishing solution for the integrated die-casting subframe, the intelligent polishing and polishing workstation, and NextBrain™ AI mushroom polishing. Cloud systems and many other advanced software and hardware products. The flexible robot polishing solution for the integrated die-cast subframe was also one of the products that attracted much attention at this exhibition, attracting enthusiastic inquiries from many guests.

attracting enthusiastic

grinding solution

CEO explains the integrated die-casting grinding solution

 Steel staff 

Stial staff explains the intelligent flexible grinding solution for automobile subframes

Exhibition award-winning photos

Stial’s market positioning is high-end, and it adopts the two-wheel drive of “brand + technology”. It has captured the minds of users in the automotive and aerospace fields, and is gradually sinking. Its products have overcome difficulties and achieved success in the automotive and aerospace (aircraft, rocket and missile) industries. It was successfully implemented and established high-end technology positioning and market coverage. It will deepen its efforts in the field of new energy vehicles and gradually reduce dimensionality to cover the civilian market, accelerating the expansion of market share.

The Technology Forum Summit has come to an end, but the exploration of new energy sources in the upstream and downstream industries continues to ferment. As a senior company focusing on intelligent polishing and polishing, Wang Hongbo, founder and CEO of Stial, adheres to the original intention of “liberating polishers and benefiting mankind”. Continuous innovation, continuous optimization and upgrading of process formulas, at the critical moment when the new energy automobile industry is booming, and closely following the needs of the industry, we provide the automobile industry with integrated die-cast frame polishing solutions to help the new energy automobile industry continue to last!

Exhibition award-winning photos

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