Introduction to Wuxi Stial Technology Co., Ltd.

4 December, 2023

Stial is an independent robot manufacturer specializing in “active flexible grinding robots”. It has core technologies, from the robot brain (underlying control system), AI perception nervous system (flexible force control, tactile vision, intelligent tracking compensation), ontology design, polishing process plan – forming a complete independent technology closed loop, in hardware, software, it has a complete layout in terms of algorithms and processes, and has a number of national patents, which has established Stial’s leading technical barriers.

Stial is positioned as a “flexible technology expert”. Its “active flexible polishing robot” simulates the feel design of a polishing craftsman. It has served global customers for 15+ years. It is the first to realize batch polishing of products in different scenarios and has accumulated leading patented technologies. and industry data.

Company Profile

Stial is positioned as a “flexible technology expert” and focuses on flexible grinding robots. Having accumulated patented technology and data in hardware, software, algorithms, processes, etc., Stial is a manufacturer with fully independent brand core components (simulating the feel design of polishing craftsmen. Ontology design and underlying control system, AI robot flexible perception neural network technology, intelligent tracking compensation, and polishing process solutions), a complete layout, and a double closed loop of Stial technology and brand.

LOGO interpretation

Stial comes from the English homophone “Stial”, and “Stial” is a creative compound word composed of “Stick to ideal”, which expresses a spiritual meaning of “persistence in dreams”.

Core Products

Flexible grinding robot workstation

Core components (fully owned brand):
–Six-axis robot body
–Robot perception neural network system
–Flexible force control system
–3D vision system

Product Series
Stial Magic
Stial Model
Stial Light


Wang Hongbo, founder and CEO, was born in 1983, MBA (France Brest). After graduation, he worked at HITACHI in Japan for six months and then left to find Stial. Good at: strategy, product development, branding.

core advantages

Branded Advantages

Focusing on subdivided areas, Stial has been reported on brand promotion by industry awards, TV, Internet, overseas and other media.

Technical Advantages

Positioned as a “flexible technology expert”, it has technologies in robot perception neural network systems, flexible force control systems, and 3D vision systems.
Project Benefits
Mastering core technologies, we can provide customers with turnkey projects.

Customer groups

Aerospace, military weapons, automobiles, rail transit, 3C digital, hardware and bathroom

Qualifications obtained

Quality management system certification (ISO9000): R&D and assembly of intelligent industrial robots (grinding robots)

company culture


Stick to your dreams

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