Innovation! -STIAL Shanghai Integrated Die Casting Technology Forum demonstrates the new height of “flexible polishing”

4 December, 2023

In the golden autumn of Shanghai, the sky is clear and blue. On October 20, the 2022 China Automobile Chassis Developer Forum and Integrated Die Casting Quality Control Technology Forum were held as scheduled in Qingpu, Shanghai. Stial made a stunning appearance with its robot intelligent flexible polishing solution in the field of new energy vehicle die-casting.


As we all know, the development of lightweight chassis for new energy vehicles is the only way to go. Integrated die-casting has emerged. The first advantage of integrated die-casting is low cost, and the second is lightweight. 1) Low cost: The production efficiency is relatively high, the initial investment is relatively small, and the production cycle is relatively short. 2) Lightweight: low energy consumption and extended cruising range.

Take Tesla as an example: Tesla Model Y only has a rear floor plate, a die-casting part that replaces more than 70 small parts and then is assembled together. Its weight reduction can be reduced to about 20%. After reducing the weight of the car, reduce the load on the power system, improve the vehicle’s dynamic performance, extend the cruising range, reduce the braking distance, and improve driving stability.

Integrated die-casting

Integrated die-casting is an inevitable trend in the manufacturing of the emerging automobile industry. It is understood that not only new energy vehicles, but also some oil truck companies are also transforming their production lines to move closer to integrated die-casting technology. At the same time, integrated die-casting technology also brings difficulty in body polishing. Integrated die-casting parts are larger and more complex in shape than ordinary die-casting parts, which also puts forward higher requirements for the polishing process. Ordinary manual grinding and CNC machine tools can no longer keep up with the technical requirements of integrated die-casting. Large-scale turning, pre-processing, deburring, and orange-grain grinding of special-shaped curved surfaces require more advanced and more complete intelligent flexible grinding workstations to handle these tasks!

Steele specializes

Stial specializes in providing robotic intelligent flexible grinding solutions in the field of new energy vehicle die-casting.

Whether times create heroes or heroes create times, Stial is determined to fight a “quality leadership battle.” We are committed to creating a new image of “high-end manufacturing and high-end quality” for Chinese car companies in the global automotive die-casting field, innovating together for win-win results and growing together!

Stial’s core technology

Robot flexible sensing neural network·tactile touch: Stial PolishX flexible force control system can realize constant force control and real-time gravity compensation.

Robot flexible perception neural network·Vision: STIER 3D vision scanner iScan3D constructs a pixel-level 3D digital model and spatial relative position perception presentation, and works jointly with the polishing robot decision-making and control system to achieve real-time interaction between vision and the polishing robotic arm.

AI Mogu Cloud System: “A new generation of robot intelligent polishing system – AI Mogu Cloud System”, based on deep learning, autonomous machine learning, reinforcement learning, domain data augmentation and domain generalization technology, perfectly solves the duplication of workpieces in different fields Design and programming can shorten the project process debugging cycle from more than one month to one day.

Stial has accumulated more than ten years of practical experience. The process formulas for different grinding scenarios are targeted and dynamically changed, forming a library of hundreds of varieties of abrasives. different from the linear detection standards of CNC machine tool processing, the grinding effect requirements It is visual and subjective and requires sufficient practical experience to achieve; the process formula is a systematic engineering that combines tangible and intangible product barriers and cannot be imitated and copied.

The challenges that the new energy integrated die-casting industry brings to Chinese car companies will also be given to Chinese car companies. Stial will also do its best to provide Chinese car companies with professional polishing robots and intelligent flexible solutions to help Chinese car companies. Ride the wind and waves! Faced with this unprecedented opportunity, we must move forward courageously, go all out, and maintain our unique insight, belief, and strategic determination. I believe that Chinese automobile companies will eventually become the most dazzling force in the world!

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