In August 2022, Stial will hold a corporate production safety training meeting

4 December, 2023

Various safety hazards increase in summer, which is a period prone to accidents. In order to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents and ensure the safety of employees and the company, all employees need to be more vigilant. Enterprises must conduct corporate production safety training meetings to spend the summer safely!

On the afternoon of August 24, the company’s safety director He Fang held a production safety work meeting. After reviewing and summarizing the safety work of the previous year, he analyzed the situation and existing problems faced by the company’s safety production and arranged and deployed safety production work.

The meeting emphasized

The meeting emphasized:

Safety is no small matter, and responsibility is greater than heaven. The company must always tighten the string of production safety, use a rigorous and pragmatic style, and take solid and effective measures to fully promote the safe production and safe summer operations in the field of operation, and promote the company’s safe production situation to continue and stabilize operations.

Conference content

1. Fully understand the characteristics of summer operations and must firmly establish a safety concept without allowing any slack.

1. High temperatures, long daily hours, and frequent thunderstorms and windy weather;

2. Workers are prone to fatigue, heatstroke, and illegal operations;

3. The hidden danger of hazardous chemical fire and explosion accidents is greater in summer;

4. During the peak period of electricity consumption in summer, electrical appliances generate widespread heat and the environment is humid, making electricity safety accidents prone to occur;

5. In summer, the intensity of sunlight is strong and the ambient temperature is high, making fire and explosion accidents prone.

2. Memorize the safety points of working at high temperatures in summer

1. Wearing personal protective equipment. Many people give up wearing protective equipment because of the hot weather. Once danger comes, even the most basic protection is lost, making accidents that were not originally very harmful become more serious. For example, work clothes, as the second skin of the human body, play the first layer of protection. If you do not wear work clothes, or roll up your trouser legs or cuffs, a small scrape may require on-site medical treatment, or even contaminate the wound. Got tetanus. When working in the summer when fatigue and mental laxity are easy, personal protective equipment should be strictly worn.

2. Electrical Safety. The weather is hot in summer, people wear thin clothes and have sweaty skin, which increases the risk of electric shock. In addition, during this period of time it is humid and rainy, the insulation performance of electrical equipment is reduced, the frequency of use is high, and equipment heating is common. This makes summer a prone season for electrical safety accidents. You sweat a lot in summer, and sweat is conductive, so you need to pay special attention in summer. When installing and using electrical equipment, in order to ensure safety, it is necessary to install a leakage protector and have reliable protective zero and grounding devices; when using movable electrical equipment, intact copper-core rubber-sheathed flexible cables or sheathed flexible wires should be used. When moving, the power cord should be prevented from being pulled off or damaged; sufficient safe passage and operating space should be left around electrical equipment and electrical lines, and flammable, explosive and corrosive items should not be stacked; electrical When the equipment stops operating due to malfunction or power outage, the power supply should be cut off immediately. The power can only be reconnected after the cause has been identified, the fault has been eliminated, and it has been confirmed to be back to normal.

3. Hazardous chemical safety. Explosion-proof copper tools must be used to open and close iron drums of hazardous chemicals and shall not be replaced by other non-explosion-proof tools. Iron containers containing hazardous chemicals must be handled with care when moving, and no violent movement is allowed. Clean Do not use violence when cleaning containers containing hazardous chemicals, closing container lids, or taking samples.

4. Fire safety, human factors (such as littering cigarette butts, illegal use of fire and electricity), equipment reasons (such as overloaded electricity, lack of maintenance and repair of lines, etc.), material reasons (such as flammable and explosive materials), Environmental reasons (such as lightning strikes, spontaneous combustion, etc.).

Three: Learn safety emergency knowledge

1. Fire emergency knowledge, how to use fire extinguishing equipment? a: shake the fire extinguisher tank up and down more than 3 times; b: pull the safety tip open; c: hold the powder outlet hose and point the hose towards the fire point; d: 6 meters away from the fire point, Press the handle firmly at m and select an upwind position close to the fire point; e: Inject dry powder into the base of the flame; F: After the initial fire is extinguished, use water to cool it and remove smoke to prevent re-ignition.

2. Emergency knowledge about electric shock. The key to first aid for electric shock is to remove it from the power source as soon as it is discovered.

Switch: quickly press the power off button or pull down the circuit breaker;

Unplugging: Use dry wooden sticks or wooden boards to strip off wires and give an electric shock;

Wire-chopping: Use an ax with an insulated handle to cut wires;

Pull clothes: Wrap your hands with a dry towel and pull the person who got electrocuted to dry clothes to remove them from the power source. Then according to the condition of the injured, artificial respiration or artificial external chest heart compression method is quickly adopted for rescue. At the same time, contact the medical department and seek medical rescue personnel to take over the treatment.

3.Thunderstorm emergency knowledge

Most of the victims of lightning are attacked outdoors, so during thunderstorms, you should try to stay indoors and close the doors and windows; those working outdoors should hide inside the building. Don’t stay on balconies or windows.

4: Closed-book assessment of all employees

After phased learning, our company conducted a closed-book safety work test for all employees, and the average score per employee was over 85 points. After this meeting, the idea of ​​”safety first, people first” was firmly established. We have firmly established the concept of loving, caring and respecting people, which is the basis for doing a good job in safe production. We treat employees as our brothers and sisters, care about them in work and life, and let employees feel the care of the company. Do your job consciously and voluntarily.

Meeting summary

If Stial wants to work together on joint management, it must ensure that the mechanism operates efficiently and there is no room for mistakes!

We must strengthen organizational leadership. We will effectively strengthen the construction of the safety production responsibility system and conscientiously implement safety responsibilities and job behavioral responsibilities.

It is necessary to strengthen overall planning and coordination. Conduct safety inspections based on strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements. Improve work accuracy and effectiveness and avoid “simplistic” practices.

It is necessary to strengthen supervision and inspection, strictly assess rewards and punishments, and give full play to the guiding role of supervision and assessment; strictly implement closed-loop rectification of discovered hidden dangers and problems; ensure that safety actions are “targeted” and “hit hard.”

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