Good work begins! Riding the wind and waves for eighteen years, never forgetting the original intention and embarking on a new journey

4 December, 2023

People are diligent in spring and fighting for the day and night; they are riding horses and whipping their whips to embark on a new journey. After the New Year, Stial was full of energy and energy, officially started work with New Year’s blessings, and started the new year’s journey as a striver.

Riding the wind and waves

Kick-off meeting – “Concentrate”, “Encourage”, “Give methods”

At the opening meeting, the person in charge thanked all employees for their hard work and selfless dedication in the past year, and extended his most sincere New Year greetings to everyone.

With the new year and new atmosphere, 2023 is destined to be an extraordinary year, a year full of opportunities and challenges, and a year for the company to achieve great success. The person in charge encouraged us to sound the new 2023 assembly call with full enthusiasm, positive attitude and the momentum of “running at the beginning, sprinting at the beginning”, and transforming from vacation status to work status. Also give yourself a new and energetic state! As long as everyone is moving in the same direction, we will be closer and closer to success!

Moreover, the person in charge talked about the transition method for employees to advance from “manpower” to “talent”. The company will make every effort to cultivate employees into usable talents. Cooperate with Stial School of Management for regular training and study to improve the talent strategy of “becoming a general in the short term and becoming a leader in the long term”!

The first technical department discussion plan meeting of the year

The first technical department discussion plan meeting of the year

In the new year, we must innovate ideas, forge ahead, continue to explore the engine of corporate growth, promote marketing market expansion, improve production quality and efficiency, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and deepen the influence of the Stial brand. The person in charge of the company encourages everyone to work hard in the new year. In the past year, we have strived to be the first and made rapid progress, keeping up with the company’s progress and contributing to the company’s development. Let us jointly wish Stial a successful start of construction in 2023!

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