Stial uses core technology to actively meet opportunities and challenges

Recently, the 2023 First China Automotive Subframe Innovation Technology Summit was successfully held in Suzhou. The organizer of the summit, China Die Casting Network, joined forces with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain , and industry elites to discuss the path of industrial development innovation.

What is Stial Mushroom Cloud System

Stial has built a “new generation of intelligent polishing robot AI IoT cloud platform – Mogu Cloud System”, which is based on deep learning, autonomous machine learning, reinforcement learning, domain data augmentation and domain generalization technologies to perfectly solve the problem of workpieces in different fields. Repeated design and programming can shorten the project process debugging cycle from more than one month to one day.

Reprint: Ideas and methods of force-position hybrid control of polishing robots

If we close the loop on position, we have no control over force. If we close the loop on the force, we have no control over the position. So, how to achieve simultaneous control of position and force? Just like our human hands. Therefore, the concept of impedance control is born, that is, we use a position closed loop to control the end of the robotic arm, but the end has a certain stiffness and will show force characteristics when in contact with the outside world.

In August 2022, Stial will hold a corporate production safety training meeting

Various safety hazards increase in summer, which is a period prone to accidents. In order to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents and ensure the safety of employees and the company, all employees need to be more vigilant. Enterprises must conduct corporate production safety training meetings to spend the summer safely!

Stial’s flexible polishing robot workstation achieves craftsman-level craftsmanship

When Steele originally designed and manufactured the polishing robot workstation, it strived for the design concept to be infinitely close to these four points.Article 1: Each workstation can determine or modify the production process.Article 2: Be able to determine the different characteristic points between polished parts.